Walt Disney World Bus Kills 9-year-old-boy – Lake Buena Vista, Fla. April 1, 2010 - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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April 02, 2010


I never really hear about Disneyland having any of these problems, maybe they need to take notes. Disney World drivers do speed way too fast and you would think this would be a big wake up call. Sadly it probably won't change things.

I am was a guest at Ft Wilderness - we checked out early on Saturday after the accident - DISNEY IS RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR GUEST AND THEIR CHILDREN - the comments that the innocent child caused the accident are wrong - THE DISNEY BUSES GO THROUGH THE RESORT TOO FAST - if a child just happens to be crossing the road to get to another area of the campground on a LITTLE bike and a BIG bus is speeding behind him in the same direction WHO IS LIKELY TO GET TO POINT X QUICKER - and what would a child do at that point in time - look behind or to the left in TERROR before the inevitable conclusion. Those few moments resulted in the childs death. WHO IS AT FAULT....NOT THE CHILD!!! I suspect the child's action to avoid the bus were overpowered by the speed of the bus--- I HOPE THE DRIVER DIDN'T INTENTIONALLY DISREGARD SAFETY WHEN APPROACHING AND PASSING THE CHILDREN, BUT THE FACT IS THE VEHICLE HE WAS OPERATING RAN OVER THE CHILD---AND OF ALL PLACES DISNEY SHOULD BE A PLACE WERE THE SAFELY OF CHILDREN IS OF GREATEST IMPORTANCE. THE CHILD DID NOT RIDE INTO THE BUS THE BUS OVERTOOK AND RAN OVER HIM BEFORE HE COULD REACT AND CHANGE COURSE.

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