Costa Europa Cruise Liner Accident: Three Crew Members Die - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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February 26, 2010


The Costa Europa is one of the worst ships in the whole Costa fleet. I have been working on that cruise liner nearly two years so I can responsibly state that was nearly sure an imminent crash, especially because of the poor technical condition of the ship. Several times I have experienced on board of Costa Europa,leaking,power or air conditioning break downs. Therefore unfortunately I haven't been surprised by this tragic event.

We are most disturbed to hear that Costa Europa has had yet another accident.

We went on the same cruise Xmas 2009, and on our second night we were woken by a big bang, to find everything in our cabin on the floor, including the television, and the ship had a bad list.
We quickly dressed, grabbed our lifejackets, and assembled on the 9th.deck for instructions, with many other people.We were very frightened.

No instructions were given, we were left to our own devices.
To this day we do not know what happened, and are still awaiting an explanation from Costa cruises.

Our holiday was completely spoilt. We would never go on another Costa ship again.

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