Arizona Bus Crash Kills 7 Chinese Tourists: More Questions Than Answers Remain - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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February 02, 2009


"We know he was distracted by that door," National Transportation Safety Board lead investigator Peter Kotowski told reporters. Witnesses told investigators the driver's side door was open at one point just before the bus crashed.

Kotowski said the driver - Han Dong, 48 - also "indicated he was blinded by sun glare" just before he lost control of the bus around 4 p.m. on Jan. 30 as he was driving the group of Chinese tourists to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon.

Door distracts bus driver before crash.

LAS VEGAS—A federal official says the driver of a tour bus that crashed near Hoover Dam, killing seven, was distracted by a problem with his door minutes before the he lost control.

The NTSB says investigators have not found anything wrong with the driver-side door of the bus, which witnesses said was briefly open before the crash.

Investigators are checking Han Dong's driving history, medical records and certification to operate the bus, Warriner said.

Another tourist group from Shanghai has been involved in a bus accident in the United States, just days after six Chinese tourists were killed in a bus crash in Arizona.

The bus carrying 16 tourists who started their trip from Shanghai was hit from behind by a container truck.

One of the passengers, surnamed Lu, says the Galaxy Tours driver was making an illegal turn when hit by the truck.

The bus driver was Han Dong. The 30-seat bus was smaller than a typical tour bus - similar in size to airport car-rental shuttles - and did not have seat belts. All the seats faced forward. It is not yet confirmed whether the driver worked directly for D.W. Tour & Charter or was hired to drive the bus just for the trip.

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