Metrolink Train Crash Update: Cell Phone Use Causes California to Seek Train Operator Cell Phone Ban - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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September 17, 2008


When a train leaves a station it is governed at Restricting speed until the next signal indication is visible. This rule came about after an accident on NJT if I recall correctly. That would suggest one of two scenarios. EITHER:

A train leaves a station at a speed in excess of Resticting (i.e. a speed that allows a safe stop within half the distance of vision, not exceeding 20mph ) and then passes a signal displaying a stop indication.


A train passes a signal displaying an approach indication (20MPH) and then goes on to pass a signal displaying a stop indication.

I do not agree with you saying texting at a Chatsworth station stop would not contribute to a missed signal. As we all saw in MD with the Marc/Amtrak Collision, a lot can happen between a distant signal and a home signal while Making a station stop... it takes focus off the stop signal ahead.

These are the exact kinds of actions that need to occur following a mass accident like this where victims are injured. The lawsuits that will be filed will provide further incentive for changes in the laws, changes in engineering, changes in training, changes in safety mechanisms, and changes in response time and medical attention.

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