Metrolink Engineer May Have Been Warned Just Prior to the Train Collision - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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September 15, 2008


is that any way..someone create a new handphone by the name METROLINK, so people dont have to go Iraq to get kill???!!

According to, the crash happened on a horseshoe-shaped section of track in Chatsworth at the west end of the San Fernando Valley, near a 500-foot-long tunnel underneath Stoney Point Park. There is a siding at one end of the tunnel where one train can wait for another to pass.

"Even if the train is on the main track, it must go through a series of signals and each one of the signals must be obeyed," Tyrrell said. "What we believe happened, barring any new information from the NTSB, is we believe that our engineer failed to stop ... and that was the cause of the accident."
"We don't know how the error happened," she said, adding that Metrolink determined the cause by reviewing dispatch records and computers.

Though it was determined at an NTSB press conference late Saturday that it was potentially too early to determine the cause of the crash, it was noted that the "switches" that control whether a train goes into a siding were open. It was determined that one of them should have been closed.

Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County coroner's office says engineer Robert Martin Sanchez, 46, of Crestline was killed during Friday's deadly crash.

A Metrolink spokeswoman said Saturday that the engineer ran a red signal and likely caused the crash. Federal investigators say the train failed to stop at the final red signal, but the agency continued to investigate why that happened.

My heart goes out to the families of those who died and who are injured from such a horrific event. How did this accident happen way too many news stations are showing this as a head on collision but some think it hit the rear of the freight train. Also the Metrolink engineer was texting while driving the train and apparently ran a red signal, this is evidenced by wrecked switches because the Metrolink engineer wasn't paying attention. Also isn't there supposed to be someone else in the cab with the engineer? Do engineers text alot while on the job? If I'm not mistaken the Metrolink train was on the 2nd busiest railine in the US so there should have been some ATP or an annoying alarm that went off?

Regular Metrolink riders said the commuter train often stops to allow a Union Pacific freight train to proceed on its route to downtown Los Angeles but the Metrolink train Friday did not do that -- and tripped an alarm at the Metrolink dispatch center.

Why do California commuter railroads hire private companies to supply crews? I could understand maybe using Amtrak for this, but private contractors? This is unheard of in the New York metro area. The commuter railroads here hire their own operating employees.

There is only usually 1 person in the cab of a locomotive and that is the engineer unless there is a road foreman riding or a student engineer being trained as far as passenger trains go, firemen days are long gone. Working for a R.R I can tell you that no engineer is suppose to be texting or on a phone at any time while operating a locomotive unless its an emergency...

The Metrolink train was heading from downtown Los Angeles to Ventura County. The Metrolink commuter had 220 passengers, one engineer and a conductor when it collided with the freight train moving pretty fast.

The crash forced the Metrolink engine well back into the first passenger car, and both toppled over. Two other passenger cars remained upright.

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