Metrolink Commuter Train Accident: How To Choose An Injury or Wrongful Death Attorney - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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September 15, 2008


An attorney who has handled a mass tort accident like this is a must. Understanding how to deal with a party who has admitted liability in order to get the highest settlement offers, and if need be, jury verdicts comes from experience.

This Metrolink accident has many possible culpable parties and investigating it to the fullest extent of the law is critical to the success of your case.

Arguably the two most important questions should be: is my lawyer going to leave no stone unturned and do what it takes within the law to ensure my family and I have been fully and fairly compensated for our losses; and will my case make a difference. In other words, will my case change the way things are done to prevent another terrible tragedy and so that another family won't have to go through what my family has endured.

You don't need to find a Los Angeles Train Accident Attorney. You need to find the best train accident lawyer you can find, a lawyer who you feel comfortable with. Most attorneys, in train accidents or other mass accidents, can get admitted to practice in Los Angeles, California court even from outside the state. They will hire a local Los Angeles, Orange County accident attorney to get admitted to practice and help them with administrative issues. You might be working with your lawyer on Metrolink train liability (negligence)and damage (compensation) issues for a long time. Make sure you hire a lawyer who understands mass accidents, including train accidents, and is a lawyer you are comfortable with.

Mary: you should seek medical attention for both psychological issues (PTSD, anxiety, shock) and any aches and pains that may arise in the days to come.

Metrolink has amassed the most fatalities among commuter railroads of similar size in the United States over the last decade, a statistic boosted in part by three deadly train collisions in the past five years, according to federal reports.

I was a passenger on that train and no one has tried to contact me about anything even at site....I understand there were people mor hurt than me. but no one ask me for any information or anything... I was on second train so injuries are as bad as first train but what shall I I seek medical attention or what is it to late was just in shock and left scene

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