California Train Wreck On Metrolink Kills 25, Over 100 People Injured In Train Accident - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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September 15, 2008


This California train wreck should cause all concerned to upgrade safety devices for commuter, freight and all other trains.

Here's what Denise Tyrrell told Steve Hymon from the LA Times:

"I felt the damage to my reputation is so great, I could not work for these people anymore," Tyrrell said. "If I am not mistaken, the engineer blew through a light. The media got on top of this story apparently so unaccustomed to a public agency telling the truth they started to spin it that we were trying to throw all the blame on the engineer. Metrolink is responsible for the engineer, they are responsible for overseeing the contractor. Talking about the human error aspect of this is not a way to shift blame from Metrolink -- Metrolink is still the responsible party to oversee the contract with the engineer and the conductors."

At least Metrolink has admitted the human error and negligence. I hope the families receive appropriate compensation.

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