Crown Princess Lawsuits Against Princess Cruises - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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July 30, 2006


I think the attorneys should work hard for this case because they have to win and the people who organize the cruises should pay the prize for their actions.

we were on the crown princess on july 19. we are living in holland europe and are wondering if you are interested in hearing our story. we have an e-mail to the captain from head office princess cruises which says what the capatain had to say to the passengers after the list. we are also wondering why my wife could leave the ship without returning the ships "credit card". what if we fell overboard. how can princess be sure that no people fell overboard.

chris gorissen

* The ship's maiden voyage happened on June 14, 2006. It has been on the seas for only 34 days.
* The Crown Princess was built by Fincantieri Cantieri Navalli Italiani Ship Co. out of Monfalcone, Italy.
* Passenger capacity is 3,080. With a full crew, there are 1,200 workers. It weighs 113,000 tons.
* The vessel is one of the biggest cruise ships at sea. It is 951 feet long and 195 feet high. There are 19 decks.
* The only other ship that comes close to this ship which ports regularly at Port Canaveral is the Carnival Cruise Lines' Glory, which is 952 feet, 110,000 tons and holds 2,978 passengers.
* The Crown Princess was christened in New York. Martha Stewart smashed a bottle of champagne over its bow before setting sail on June 14, 2006.
* The ship was on a nine-day cruise and had docked without incident in Grand Turk, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Port Canaveral before heading home to New York.
* The Crown Princess was in Port Canaveral one day before leaving to travel back to New York.
* The ship flies the flag of Bermuda and was inspected on May 13, 2006, before it set sail for the first time. It was also inspected on June 21, 2006, in Staten Island, N.Y. after its maiden voyage.
* The inspection report by the U.S. Coast Guard found few serious problems. There was some garbage and debris found in the hallway and emergency egresses, and the Coast Guard told the cruise line to stow it below deck before passengers boarded.
* It is about 12 percent longer and 28 percent heavier than most ships that regularly port at Port Canaveral.
* There are four smaller cruise ships that regularly port at Port Canaveral, including Disney's Wonder and Magic, and Royal Caribbean's Sovereign of the Seas, Carnival's Fantasy and Glory.
* The home ports for the Crown Princess are New York and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
* This is the newest member of the grand class of cruise ships. It has an extremely large outside deck space -- more 122,250 square feet.
* The last disaster involving a Princess Cruises' ship was March 23, 2006, when it caught fire near Jamaica while at sea. It was based at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale.

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