Ethan Allen May Not Have Been Insured - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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February 22, 2006


I would be interested to know more about the history of the Sheriff's department. Do you have any news article on these events which I can post?

As a former employee some years ago of the Quirks in the Shoreline restaurant, catering dinners to it's largest boat, the Horicon..I was witness to the boat captains numerous drunken carousing late in the evening at the restaurant bar.... I sympathize with your plight in your search for justice. I am not surprised with the attempts to cover this matter up by Sheriff Larry Cleveland, as he has been involved in numerous schemes to conceal wrong-doing by various elected officials AND police departments. At one point, falsely arresting a local newspaper publisher for exposing wrong-doings by local elected officials, in the end completely driving the woman out of business.
I can only hope your efforts in seeking justice bears fruit. I am only sorry that I had not learned of your web blog sooner to express my sympathy.

Insurance agent Charles H. Wegman said the exclusion of marine accidents was placed in the policy because Quirk wanted it that way. Global Property offered Quirk marine insurance, but he declined it, Wegman told a Detroit newspaper for a story published Wednesday.

Sounds like Mr. Wegman better place his insurance carrier on notice.

ALBANY, N.Y. Texas insurance officials say the company that had issued a policy on the tour boat that capsized last October on Lake George in the Adirondacks, killing 20 passengers, has a history of fraud and is not licensed to sell insurance in the United States.

The boat's owner, Shoreline Cruises, is facing claims filed by relatives of the dead and by those who were injured in the accident. More than a dozen people have sued, seeking compensation for hospital bills, funeral costs and other damages.

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