Was Lake George Capsize An Act Of God? - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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October 17, 2005


My Grandmother, Joyce Rochowiak, was one of the victims of the Ethan Allen tragedy. Where does the blame lie? I believe it lies with all entities involved: Shoreline Cruises, the New York Department of Parks & Recreation, and the captain,Richard Paris. Not one of these entities questioned the vessel's buoyancy (which Mr. Paris has admitted to being insufficient on previous outings on National News), or the lack of safety precautions (no dockside safety briefing, lack of crewmen, and a NY state law system that doesn't deem it necessary for senior citizens to wear life jackets). Should we overlook these facts because this was an "accident"? I don't believe so. While nothing can be done or said to bring my Grandmother back, she need not have died in vain. Somebody or some entity needs to be held responsible for an enormous tragedy and the resulting heartache that could have been prevented in so many small ways.

Blaming the wave is like blaming gravity for a plane crash.

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