Bridgestone-Firestone Class Action Settlement - Amtrak Train Crash in Washington State

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March 31, 2004


These were non-injury cases motivated at consumer safety. The plaintiffs only damages (money loss) was the replacement value of their tires. And the people who were named plaintiffs required 14 million tires to be replaced, which represented approximately $50 million dollars of replaced tires for consumers. The attorney fee appears to have been less than 14%. Many of these attorneys probably advanced in excess of $1 million of their own dollars to pay the costs of the class action.

By forcing the recall, the plaintiffs and their attorneys accomplished something the federal government could not, replacement of millions of defective tires to prevent injury and death.

I just happened to surf through some of the articles depicted on this site. I could not believe that the attorneys in this class action suit received $19 million, and the named people just received $2,500. My question is, "How many attorneys divided the $19 million?" If 19 were involved, then each received one million. It seems a little top heavy. Were these attorneys only working for themselves?

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