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January 06, 2012


My big problem with positive singles is that they fail to tell consumers what they were really signing up for. With something as sensitive as STDs, and marketing language which emphasizes the consumer's privacy, I think consumers have a right to expect more than what appears to be a bit of a scam here.

I'm not shocked at these findings. These individuals allowed one of their affiliate sites to steel our website's logo, banner, color scheme and text and pass it off as their own website by buying the .org extention of our domain name. I would think that they would check to see if the new affiliate's website is infringing upon anyone's rights before they make it live. It took a while, but we got them to remove the site. There are still many .org sites on their network that i'm sure are infringing upon domain names of dating sites who worked hard to acquire their own database. What is the internet coming to?

successful match and positive singles recently filed a motion to dismiss the class action lawsuit in California against them. The court rejected their arguments and is allowing the class action lawsuit to move forward. If you are registered user of any of the or STD dating websites, feel free to contact one of our internet class action attorneys for more information. (aka Positive Singles) complaints continue to rise. A class-action complaint was filed by a John Doe plaintiff against PositiveSingles and Successful Match (aka alleging a variety of misrepresentations and unfair business practices.

The court recently denied the motion of positive singles to dismiss the lawsuit for failure to state a claim. If you are a positive singles registered user or customer who believes that your rights have been violated, please contact one of our class-action attorneys today.

I noticed this a while back, but was not clear as to how or why my information was on other sites. I live in Illinois and I have recently noticed that this lawsuit is making it clear to me that I too have had this same issue with PS. Today (3-4-2012) I looked up different HSV sites and found that so far 3 or them have my information already with the same username and password I made for PS. What do I do? I feel violated and that the trust I had for this site was not at all what I imagined.

How can I become part of this lawsuit? I have been a member of this site and am shocked of these findings.

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