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March 03, 2009


I paid my local trademark & business law attorney several hundered dollars only to find out that he has no clue where to even begin "with this internet stuff".

If someone has wronged you, do yourself a favor - hire a real internet lawyer who is experienced with internet law.

Hire a real internet lawyer and you won't have to pay for an attorney to figure out what to do, or how to do it.


You are most correct that offline intellectual property law can and often does differ from that applicable to the internet.

Apart from laws that are specific to the internet (such as the Lanham Act), decisions with regard to whether or not trademarks have been infringed upon can hinge on case law specific to the internet, that does not apply to other media (such as print or television).

Making things more complex, where offline laws are illogical to apply to internet related disputes, there is sometimes no applicable internet related black letter or case law to apply, so precedents are still being set, with plaintiffs and defendants having a hard time guessing what their outcomes will be. I suspect this issue will be with us for quite a while, until enough legal matters surface for there to be a "stare decesis" to speak of.

If I feel my rights as an entertainment software consumer (Gamer) have been violated to expect a completed software product, what can I do?

I purchased a game that essentially was sold as a beta product and is in such bad shape that ~3 months of patching have yet to make the game playable for a lot of people.

The issues range from video memory errors, crashes to desktop, no or intermittent sound effects and various other major bugs. These problems are cropping up under a variety of different computer systems (processors, ram, motherboards, sound cardds) which would indicate extremely shoddy or poor software coding.

I feel this warrants a class action lawsuit as a lot of this particular game's fan base is experiencing this issue. I also believe that the publisher of the game has taken the liberty to release a shoddy product to the market in hopes to get the money to continue production. This is unfair to the consumer as there are no laws that forbid software developers from releasing badly developed software and there is no precedent that will protect the consumer to give them the ability to get a refund if the product does not perform. It is entirely the discretion of the retailer of the software to "allow" a refund.

Internet lawyers not only possess the same training and skills as general practitioners, but they also have additional experience and specific knowledge relating to the Internet. Internet attorneys must understand the liabilities of internet service providers (ISPs), domain name registrars and registrants, users of social networking sites, and others. The laws in these areas is constantly changing and evolving, and it is critical that you use an internet attorney when you encounter legal issues in cyberspace.

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