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February 18, 2008


The best way to hurt them is to take away their income. Email every advertiser and Google Ads and let them know your displeasure.

Listen, people will take it for what it's worth - a site that may possibly be full of lies because it is "gossip". So, going onto the site, people should take just precaution to think that libel or slander could be going on, but I don't really think there is anything else wrong with it. Sometimes people need to be dealt with anonymously otherwise how else would you fight against people that are popular and/or have all the power. The american government does it to us with psi-ops, we should have the right to knock the people in control down a notch - otherwise, if no free speech even if it is not good news means that you can be locked in a suitcase and thrown in a lake without being able to scream for help.

The first amendment protects the right of private citizens to say whatever they want to, except when it is to the detriment of society. I'm sorry, does defaming a person's name sound like it should be protected. They are destroying these people's names. What the bloody hell are you thinking? Slander is not protecting, how the hell are you expected to allow the same thing on the internet. Close down the site. By providing users the ability to do this, and not removing the "illegal" content like any other site would anything else, such as the posting of product keys, the site has lost its right to "protection." Hell, the owners who operate and oversee the site should be arrested for facilitating the use of the website. Clearly a violation of the victims right to privacy. Isn't that also a violation of the first amendment. Let's see. What rights should we protect, the ones that are in place to protect the rights of US citizens, or the ones that are used to defame them. Should be a textbook example of miss use of the first amendment, like some idiot crying fire in the dark theater, or some cult sacrificing a goat. Pathetic.

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