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If I signed a non compete contract but my employer has changed/cut my commission 3 times since I signed it. Will it hold up in court if I were to leave the company?

Generally, if information is publicly available (i.e. can be found with a Google search), then it is not a trade secret. Trade secrets must be private and protected to the company claiming it is a secret.

If in a non-compete the geographical scope is not stated is that not considered?

Then in addition to that, the information that could be considered "Trade Secret" can actually be found by surfing the internet would that still be considered a "trade secret"?

CH: Perhaps. These agreements are always subject to review and always fact specific. The scope of a non-compete agreement can be challenged if it is too broad in its geographic coverage and scope.

Insider information is only protected as a trade secret if it is defined as such by a court of law. Not all information held by a company meets the test of being confidential or a trade secret.

If i went to my employeer and asked if working for another franchise in the state would affect my non compete and their response was, depends on where in the state of michigan it its, could I fight this?

Typically, yes. Continued employment is sufficient consideration in many instances. However, without knowing all the facts of your case, it is impossible to say for sure. You should contact an attorney to review the specific facts and circumstances of your situation.

Considering MI is an at-will state, can an employer fire me for refusing to sign another non-compete after I already signed one when I hired in? My pay and responsibilities are not changing.

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