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For the most part I agree with Larry but i do believe that in some industries, a non competitive contract can be a better option for both the companies and the employees. The example you are using illustrates that. Security guards are contracted to the company that pays them, not the company they are providing security services at...

I am seeking an “Employer Lawyer” to challenge this NCA I signed with my former employer. I had a family friend who does “Family Law” look into this NCA. He has written me a letter stating this NCA is subject to challenge and list reasons in my favor. Mr. Mattson has talked to my former employer’s lawyer and was told they are bound and determined to seek enforcement. I am not involved in a lawsuit at this time. I am seeking to challenge this non-compete out of fear of retaliation. I live in Seattle, WA. I was employed with them less then 3 months and I also have been in this business 10+ years and learned no "trade secrets". I was told by my new employer that my former employer just wants to make an example out of me leaving so her other employers do not leave. I just want to challenge this out of fear of retaliashion from my former employer.

I really hope you can help me in this matter,


Ps. I have a copy of my NCA and I have written a summary of my unfortunate situation for your review if needed.

Michigan law is just that . Law. it does not apply to Ohio at will state. No employer has the right to infringe on ones lively hood. Take for instance a Security guard position . all Security Companies have the same Post orders and Procedures in general, no matter what. A security guard is Contracted only in name only as to who and whom makes the paycheck out. There are NO trade secrets amondst Security companies,only what they preceive to be theres. I for one dont believe in a Non competitive contract and have broken many such supposed laws or such agreements. On notice this American will not abide such ruling or reason or regulation. I will work when and where I want to. To stop me is infringing on my rights in the pursuit of happiness and to provide for family as to neccessities. As a conveyance to such ruling I have also posted at recorders office a notarzed statement that I do not ABIDE BY SUCH RULING OR HAVE TO ABIDE TO SUCH RULING THAT INFRINGES ON MY TRADE AND WELL BEING. sORRY FOLKS BUT THAT IS ME. IF THAT SOUNDS LIKE iM A REBEL , THEN SO BE IT.YOU CANT GET BLOOD OUT OF A TURNIP. THANK YOU AND HAVE A GOOD DAY!!

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