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February 07, 2005


A great post on the PHOSITA Patent BLOG, talks about an "embedded firm." Although the discussion appears in a the context of a patent law firm, the principles apply equally to any firm working as outside cousnel to a company client. The principles are as follows:

-invests time and money in ensuring its attorneys learn the business plan and objectives of the client;

-unshackles from the billable hour requirement in order to encourage its attorneys to become trusted advisors to the client;

-advocates that its attorneys use the business knowledge gained as the starting point for all legal matters for the client;

-integrates its attorneys into the business systems and creative processes of the client;

-fosters in its attorneys a long-term outlook on any relationship with the client;

-seeks and hires passionate and creative individuals first, pedigrees second; and

-sees every client as a firm client, where everyone in the firm is interested in the clients’ business and personnel.

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