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trusty getto

Why, thank you for the quote.

I spent my day today at an MTLA seminar where we studied how not to run afoul of the MI Supreme Court's fondness for form over substance. In discussing SOL's vs. savings periods (who knew?), the infamous Apsey case and the finer points of obtaining "special" certifications for out-of-state notaries, I learned more than I ever thought possible, such as what a "jurat" is, and why an out-of-state judge cannot certify a notary's signature, but his clerk can.

I'm looking forward to what the Court will have to say if it accepts leave on Apsey.

I'm also keeping my options open, what with my recent admission to the Colorado bar ;^)

Tom Bleakley

Another great posting. Lawyers and lay people alike need to be constantly reminded of what this court is doing in the name of pseudoconservatism. Neocon is just another way of saying that big business always wins.

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