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Activism is Activism

Liberal courts were called 'activist' because they supposedly failed to follow legal precedent and extended legal principles in favor of people over corporations.

At no point in the history of Michigan jurisprudence has there been a court which ignored legal precedent in favor of their own political view as today. When courts fail to apply the law and follow prior precedent, uncertainty becomes inevitable. Uncertainty in the law destabilizes the entire judicial system. Judges have become legislators, making law instead of applying it.

When the law depends on the judge as opposed to the words, lawyers can't advise their clients. Trial judges start following trends as opposed to laws.

It will take a decade to recover from the activism which has dominated the trial courts, the court of appeals and the supreme court. Unfortunately, the clock won't start won't start to run until after the present judicial powerbrokers are replaced with judges who understand their limited role in our tri-parte democracy.

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