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Wednesday, 23 July 2008


I would love to know what Mr. Drewsen thinks about DNS wildcarding, also known as DNS redirects. I have been seeing a lot of coverage in the news about that issue lately. Ars Technica recently had a story about Rogers, the Canadian cable company, redirecting failed DNS lookups to pay per click parking pages. I wonder if this would or should be considered cybersquatting. I know that there are several high profile domainers who use this technique. For example, Kevin Ham negotiated an agreement with the Cameroon government to wildcard the entire .cm ccTLD because it is a common misspelling of .com.

Charter currently does this with my home cable service. If I type in applemav to my URL bar, a simple misspelling of applemac and a reasonable search term, Charter presents me with pay per click ads for Apple’s Mac products and venders selling Mac software. This seems like it causes consumer confusion just as much as any real pay per click parking page on a domain.

Many domainers also claim that pay per click parking pages help misdirected web surfers get to where they are going—that they provide value. I’m not so sure, but I would be interested to hear what Mr. Drewsen thinks of this argument.

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