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Sunday, 19 August 2007


Trademark infringement is serious business. In addition to damages, clients are often surprised to learn how much money it cots to prosecute or defend a trademark infringement lawsuit. Legal fees alone often range rom $250,000 - $750,000 or more. Making smart decisions about protecting your trade mark, or defending allegations of infringement are critical. Speak to a trademark attorney if you find yourself involved in a trademark issue. The cost of making a bad decision will be much more expensive than the price for good advice from an experienced trademark lawyer.

Trademark issues are rapidly increasing in these days. Therefor someone should must first understand the trademark law before applying for the registration for the trademark of your business.

You know, I was truly interested on the whole idea of trademarking names and domains.
I had recently been working with on a Patent Infringement lawsuit, and when consulted about this new theme, they provided me with some-what vague info... I´m glad I found this blog!

Asking for a lawyer's advice on the matter of trademarking your name, as a company, is definitely useful. Especially if we're talking about international trademark, but not only.

I also received this dubious email regarding the use of some photos I only found on a public search. Any thoughts on how I should go about with responding/not responding to it? Anyone?

As if coming up with an ideal domain name wasn't already problematic enough, the copyright lawyers have managed to muddy the waters even more

Never considered trademarking my domain names - thanks for this post, just can't keep up with all the issues that arrise as a business owner.

Thanks.. I like the info here. Bookmarked you guys and will be back to your blog soon :)

I received a trademark infringement letter from an attorney. But it looks like it is boilerplate with very few specifics. Should I respond or ignore it?

Do you have to have a lawyer for a trademark infringement threat letter?

Company and brand name infringement is serious. Trademarks should be registered and protected. Your company name is how customers know who you are. Don't let an internet thief steal it.

Is there a difference between logo trade mark infringement and brand infringement?

Domain names are often the subject of trademark infringement claims. Hire a good internet attorney or cyber-law lawyer to help you determine what trademark rights may exist in a name before you make a substantial investment.

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Trademarks give you the best protection.

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