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Tuesday, 01 March 2005


Some stole my copyright protected work and registered it with the Copyright office. What can i do?

I am so sick of people using scrappers and my rss feed to put my content on their site. It is ridiculous, but in the end I have found it isn't worth wasting my time chasing them down.

It's been really long since I started reading your posts and today I just want to say that your blog is great!

Many copyright infringer's simply cut and paste your content directly on their web site. Often times, their web site has no legitimate content at all, simply post after post of stolen content. Sometimes they link to your site as the source, a feeble attempt at attribution. Often times, they simply steal the content as their own.

Copyright infringement of your web pages hurts you in several ways. Google may think your site is copied on your site and reduce your search engine rankings. The web site search visitors who find the content may never arrive at your site. These are potential customers. Contact an attorney to draft a solid copyright notice which either reserves all rights or grants limited rights, otherwise your ability to cause the host or domain registrant to take the content down with a notice letter, cease and desist letter or copyright infringement threat letter will be limited.

Because of the increased demand for good content, content theft from leading web sites is becoming rampant. The key is a strong copyright notice on the web site, which can be relied on in a court of law. Copyright law is complex and typically requires the insight of an experienced copyright attorney. However, any copyright owner can use self-help to get the ball rolling. Email cease and deist, notice or threat letters alleging copyright infringement and demanding removal of the content is often a good first step.

Thanks for great post. I personally have given up on amount of information stolen from my websites. But your post has given me new hope. Thanks again.

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