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There are steps to take when someone takes your domain name. If someone has stolen your domain name, then I would presume that you had control of it previously. If this is the case, you are likely going to have to send some sort of trademark infringement threat letter and perhaps make allegations of improper access to the registrant account. If someone has taken your domain name by registering your trademark as a domain name, you have several options including a threat letter alleging cyber squatting, a UDRP arbitration complaint or an ACPA lawsuit.

A stolen domain name is the last thing any business needs to deal with. Domain theft is real. Employees, web site developers, competitors and other third parties either have access to the domain registrant account or hack the account to gain control of the domain name. A stolen domain name could put your web site out of business. Are you protecting your domain name against domain name theft?

If someone has been the subject of multiple attempts to access an email account (threaten registrant that their email priveleges will be revoked if they don't forward their password), is there any recourse? I'm probably not the only individual they are targeting and yet wouldn't someone who repeatedly attempts to break into a home, car or business be subject to prosecution?

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