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Actually Bret, the ACPA is actually titled the Anti-cybersquatting Piracy Act. Of course, trademark infringement is a completely separate issue than a violation of the ACPA. Isn’t it interesting that congress actually used the word “piracy” when referring to the third party registration of domain names which violate trademarks. If it’s anything, it is a violation of the ACPA, trademark infringement and dilution. But the interesting thing from the consumer side, not unlike congress’ view of the world, is that third party registration of a domain name which violates a trademark is viewed as “domain theft.” Most consumers don’t know what the word cybersquatting even is. In a way, consumers are right. When you steal someone’s goodwill, or other intangible property, it feels no different than the theft of tangible property. When a parking page goes up, it is stealing traffic, stealing revenue and stealing value.

I appreciate your comments and applaud your SEO savvy by realizing that “” will be returned as a top search result for any consumer looking for a “UDRP Attorney.” Keep up the good blogging.

Uh, that's not "domain theft." Not even close. If it's anything, it's potentially trademark infringement. You might want to fire your SEO / blogger contractor. :p

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