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The cost is to Twitter's trademarks which are worth - what - tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars. Trademark owners must preclude third party infringement in order to strengthen, and in some cases preserve, their trademark rights. Allowing cybersquatters to infringe your domains has little to do with advertising revenue. It has everything to do with trademark value and trademark rights.

So whats the big effin deal? Someone misspells and ends up at a site that shows ads for and the person eventually gets there at the cost of WHAT to twitter?... 5 cents for that click? Big deal. Twitter eventually gets its visitor. How different is this from Twitter paying for traffic via general advertising? Even the slaves were allowed to eat the crumbs of their owner's dinners. If they're not hijacking and they're not creating a bad taste in visitor's mouths about Twitter - then leave them be.

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