Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Lawyer Attorney Law Firm - Is Domains By Proxy Guilty of Cybersquatting? When the domain registrant hides their WhoIs contact data under proxy ..

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Domains By Proxy is a service known to hide cybersquatting domain registrants. there a variety of things a good c3erbysquatting attorney will do to deal with trademark infringement issues on domain names where the domain registrant is being hidden by Domains By Proxy service. Sometimes unlocking the privacy service to show the Whois data is a good first step. Sometimes, filing a UDRP on multiple infringing domains is the best way to go. Contact a domain dispute lawyer for more information.....

Domains By Proxy is often used by known cybersquatters to hide their identity. There are ways for you to remove the proxy from the domain name to reveal the true owner registrant of the domain. A domain name or UDRP attorney can help.

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