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This is becoming a hot topic for registrars, especially those offering privacy services. In reality, the registrar is nothing more than an administrative middleman between the domain buyer and the applicable internet registry, and in my opinion should never be held liable unless there is proof of willful collusion in an illegal activity. In those cases involving privacy services, the registrar should of course provide whatever information is requested in a valid subpoena, but liability should not be imputed to the registrar for criminal or civil violations commited by the domain owner.


You probably know that all domains registered at GoDaddy that expire are put through their TDNAM auction process.

Many of these expired domains
are clearly or could be considered trademark infringing domains.

Since it is GoDaddy and NOT the Registrant auctioning off these domains wouldn't that fall under "bad faith intent to profit from such registration or maintenance of the domain name."?

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