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Who owns a domain name? It depends what state you are in and the terms of your agreement with your registrar of choice. The question of who owns a domain name, assuming anyone owns a domain name, is highly variable.

I think many businesses don't understand the web and don't protect their domains because they are not aware of the theft, cyber-squatting and typo-squatting problems.

Like most business decisions, a domain name owner must make decisions based upon potential return on investment. These figures are clear evidence that domain names are some of the most valuable assets for a company and/or individual. Invest the proper money in domain name protection and realize the true returns that clearly available in the marketplace. A domain name attorney is a good first investment, and likely the one needed to not only protect the domain name, but also facilitate the domain name sale.

This week alone, reports that,, and changed hands for a combined total of $685,000. sells for $900 k via afternic.

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