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ICANN needs to do more to stop cybersquatting.

icann is the entity that sets policy on cybersquatting. ICANN needs to do more to protect trademark holders from cyber squatters.

I still think they should kill the AGP. The rationale for it simply does not stand up to the problems it causes.

This is a step in the right direction. Domain tasting is annoying and may lead to cybersquatting. The AGP was originally developed to avoid buyer's remorse. Like the DNS as a whole, registrants have found a way to take advtange of the system. Charging for a registration returned during the AGP is a good start. However, ICANN also needs to a take a look at the problems associated with such other issues as domain lapse, the costs a trademark holder must pay in order to pursue multiple cybersquatters via the UDRP, and the inability to identify private regitration information without a court order or the UDRP.

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