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UDRP arbitration cases are more difficult and nuanced than many believe. A UDRP lawyer knows how to file a complaint for cybersquatting or respond to a UDRP arbitration based on experience with UDRP process and arbitrators. Sometimes, it is the little things that count most in achieving a client's goals.

Is it sufficient that first use on a trademark registration predates domain name registration or MUST complaintant establish common law rights to put respondent on notice ?

You don't choose a brain surgeon to handle your heart surgery. You don't pick a basketball player to quarterback your team. Why choose your lawyer to handle your UDRP? Sure, if your lawyer has trademark law, cybersquatting, and domain name experience, he or she may be worthy of retention. However, if not, your attorney should advise you to seek a UDRP attorney or your attorney should associate with an experienced UDRP attorney himself and oversee your matter.

Bear in mind that the UDRP became available in 1999. Therefore, the most experienced attorneys have been handling UDRP matters for a maximum of 9 years. You should select an attorney who has handled multiple UDRP matters, and preferrably an attorney that has not only represented complainants but also respondents. Traverse Legal has those attorneys. The proof is in the pudding.

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