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With ICANN about to impose a $0.20 non-refundable fee for registering a domain, domain drop catching (randomly registering domain names and using the AGP to taste them) will soon be a they of the past. I agree with the above comment that defensive domain registration continues to be extremely important. Not only is it a great way to increase your own traffic, but it is critical if you are seeking any value out of your trademarks or service marks. Trade names are becoming more important in the global economy especially for companies that have an ecommerce website (what companies don’t these days?). A good attorney can help you better understand the nuances of online business protection services.

A restocking fee, a penalty fee, and even the withholding the registration fee are all possible ways to curb the abusive use of the AGP. Raising the initial registration fee could also serve as the barrier to new domainers who do not have the capital necessary to "get into the game." Regardless, registrations seem inevitable. The solution appears to be on the shoulders of trademark holders. Protecting your trademark from unauthorized registration as part of a domain name can drive the domain names' values down. You need to know which domains to register (i.e. a practice known as defensive registrations) and which ones may harm your trademark. Domains are yet another possible use of trademarks that need to be protected like all other uses.

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