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How do these internet thieves get away with stealing domains and abusing trademarks.

Recovering a stolen domain name and protecting your business and your company name from domain theft is something that requires more attention. Companies don't do enough to protect themselves from domain theft. It is better to prevent unauthorized transfer than to hire a lawyer to recover your domain after it is taken.

The mantra for home buying and home selling is location, location, location. Many trademark holders, domainers, and internet companies choose their intellectual property attorney based upon location. For example, Company ABC is in Tampa, Florida and therefore chooses a lawyer in Tampa, Florida. Unfortunately, the attorney's location has nothing to do with that attorney's ability to solve your legal issue. This is especially true when it comes to niche areas of law, such as domain name disputes and trademark matters.

With the Internet providing access to experts from around the world, it is time to stop choosing an attorney based solely upon location. Instead, an attorney should be chosen for his or her expertise. Think about it. If you have cancer, you don't go to the doctor down the street. You pick the best doctor, with experience and expertise in cancer treatment, regardless of location. Why not do the same when selecting the attorney who is to solve your legal issue? Traverse Legal has experienced domain name attorneys who have handled complex ACPA litigation, trademark matters, and UDRP matters. We have clients from around the world who have chosen us for our expertise. Expertise matters.

Both my and was registered through Today, I just get email notify me that was deleted, which I have never receive any information as to my renew. has simply be occupied by someone else.

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