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A most interesting article, and for the most part I agree with it.

One important fine point to keep in mind is that establishing what is and isn't "public domain" can be very tricky when you don't obtain a trademark before naming your company or product. Case in point: Apple paid $2 million to buy the domain "" from someone that had registered it many years earlier. There was clearly no bad faith involved, as the iPhone did not exist at the time the domain was registered. Still, proving intent can be tricky, and it's generally best to rely on secrecy before obtaining the required domain yourself on behalf of your company or product.

The situation is a little clearer in regard to the use of peoples' names, like "", thanks to the Lanham Act. Absent a legitimate web site to go along with the domain (such as a biographical one) that does not falsely imply the celebrity's endoresement of anything you may be selling there, the celebrity's name is deemed protected intellectual property by law (the Lanham Act), so murky issues of common law and practice are largely averted.

Is a domain name a trademark?

Is there anything special I can do to help strengthen or establish my trademark rights by use on my website?

I am wondering how I should structure a deal to sell my company domain name and website content rights. How do I value these intangible assets?

Trademark rights deal with website domain names and copyrights deal with the web site content, right?

What if the company has their trademark listed as 'dead' in the trademark database? Can I still register the domain name?

I am not sure what a 'dead trademark' means. Thanks for your insight.

Internet lawyers know the domain name protection game. You need an attorney who really knows internet law.

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Just getting started on my e-business and before I go "live" I wanted to clarify a few points related to how I run my business. Regarding domain name fraud - can anyone once they have bought the domain name then have access to all your server side documents, including the username/password/name/address etc that you have built up in your client database? My assumption here is that legally, once someone 'owns' the name they also 'own' the property.
Thanks for your time - very educational site!

Mike ([email protected])

My visa was just used to purchase 4 worth of something in Czechoslovakia, then 1500 worth of diamonds in Spain. Holy crap. She said it's nothing that I've done wrong, that the Evil Thieves are able to get credit card numbers from literally anywhere (like, for instance, the huge database theft that hit the parent company of HomeSense, where hundreds of thousands of visa billing records were stolen, likely a few of mine in there as well).

Fraud is everywhere on the internet. Domain name fraud is even worse.

Hiring an attorney for a domain ownership dispute may, or may not, make financial sense. It depends on how much your domain is worth and how much traffic it attracts.

Definitely hire a domain name law firm. Most trademark attorneys don't specialize in this are of law.


While doing some research on stolen domains I found your site. It was very enlightening to say the least. On the home page you have a link about a stolen domain yet the link is dead. Do you still have it? A very good friend of mine and I where working out a business partnership agreement for my site when one mourning hers and 3~4 others where stolen. She has contacted all of the Government Agencies that she can think of, yet none of them can help her, or her friends to recover their domains and return the "Open for Business Sign".

I have been dealing with a company that makes HTML Protector; which is suppost to stop copying anything of any kind while online. This discussion is continuing on my part, but they are very leary in saying anything because they also make many other programs including one that allows anyone to copy any site in it's entirity with a mouse click! I also asked them on their position on internet security as being part of the solution or part of the problem? Still no answer! I want to make sure all my sites are immune from being tampered with from any direction. There website is: !

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My friends name is Donna in Cali and mine is John in MO

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