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Domain stealing is wrong. Why aren't there criminal laws to protect against domain stealing?

It is so easy to steal a domain name. There needs to be better systems in place to protect domains.

Domain registrants need to protect themselves better. Chose a more secure registrar. Control your registrant login information and email address. Domain names are stolen all the time. It CAN happen to you.

Stealing domain names happens all the time. There are a thousand scams out there.

Stealing domain name URLs happens all the time on the internet. Ex-partners, employees and cybersquatters are all possible thieves. Beware!

Stealing domain names is pretty common. it happens more than you think.

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Hi, steal my domains and
they refuse to bring it back.
Wat I can do?

If there is ever a dispute by a client of a reseller (valid or invalid), now locks the reseller account, insists on only talking via email and then demands the reseller sign off on the following verbage before any reactivation:

"I understand in the event of a dispute processed by my credit card issuer or any type of processor, eNom Inc. will reserve the right to suspend access to any and all accounts I have, and that all right, title, interest in, and use of any domain names and/or services connected shall be assumed by eNom Inc at their discretion."

When asked for details of a chargeback since it may be in error, they refuse to provide any.

This draconian wording enabling to engage in the outright theft of their reseller's domain names is also on their website as section 3C iv which you can view at:

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