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July 29, 2011


Thanks for sharing your post. Social media has been for some time now the up and coming form of communication, what about the dangers as well. You always hear story’s in the news papers regarding privacy settings that customers didn’t even know existed. I think people need to be educated more on the pro’s and con’s of social sites.

The truth is that nowadays everything and anything including people can be found online, you can make an opinion about someone without even seeing him or her, just by checking them out online. It doesn't matter if it's a simple Google search or if it's social networking. And because of this unfortunately it has become extremely easy to improve or to discredit someone's online reputation which in term will affect almost all the aspects of that person's life. What should one do if they have their reputation affected? There is only one thing, fight back to improve the reputation. Worst case scenario the retaliation equals the attacks which means you don't lose but you don't gain anything. Well, if you're inexperienced in building up the reputation you lose some money getting it back up but still, you always might end up losing more if you don't counterattack.

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