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March 16, 2011


I need assistance in removing false negative slandering reviews from yelp. These yelpers are malicious people that do this to obtain refunds and or free services. I suspect it could also be other business competitors slandering us to gain customers.

Can I sue my husband's exgirlfriend for defamation, including insult,harassment,threat,spying that she is been doing for more than 2 years on Facebook,Twitter, personal e-mails, txt,having evidence of all?

Hi, I am a victim of defamation in Facebook. Somebody maligned me in Facebook posting that I commit adultery during my marriage, that I stole large amount of money from my previous employer, that I was not a credible nurse. Those people behind the said postings are illegal aliens. Can I sue illegal aliens here in the US? If I sue them and will be find guilty of defamation, can it be a ground for them to be deported? Please help.

Hi! Can I sue someone for posting derogatory statements about me in the the Internet? Those statements include: 1.) that I committed adultery during my marriage; 2.) that I stole large amount if money from my precious employer; 3.) that I have a scandalous x-rated film; 4.) that I am not a credible nurse. The person who posted all these statements is an allegedly illegal alien. What shall I do?

My fiancé's ex filed for a restraining order against him accusing him of something that didn't happen, can my fiancé sue her for defamation of character?

Should you sue for defamation, slander or libel? The 1st step in the process is to have a defamation law attorney analyze the specific defamatory statements which you allege violate your rights. There are numerous elements which must be proven in order for defamation law claim to survive a court challenge. before asking any defamation law attorney to file a lawsuit on your behalf, you need a full analysis of the merits of your case.

Before you ask how to sue for defamation of character online, you should take steps to determine what legal options you might have. Sometimes, you can have the infringing defamatory content removed without filing a lawsuit. It will cost less money in attorney fees and save you time.

There are clear cases where it makes total sense to sue for defamation of character. But there are many more defamation cases filed which never stood a chance of passing court scrutiny. A good internet defamation lawyer can make sure it makes sense to file a lawsuit before incurring the costs and fees of doing so. It is very easy for the defamation plaintiff to be so upset by the publication of bad things online on the web that they get too emotionally involved to decide whether to file a claim for libel or slander.

Often times the "can I sue" for slander question is the focus. The better question is "should I sue" for slander in the first instances.

How to win a internet defamation suit? You need to fully analyze your situation so that you make solid decisions and arguments for libel or slander before your attorney steps into court.

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