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March 14, 2011


I am a divorce attorney in Colorado and was libeled on multiple occasions by my soon to be ex-husband, and, on a much more extreme level, by my mother-in-law. She lives in PA, and sent a sheriff's department "investigator" here in Jefferson County--investigation was a felony theft claim against her daugher--accusing me of severe drug addiction, alleged assaults against her daughter and son, and allegations that I "tried to kill" both. I have met her and her daughter on only two occasions over the past 17 years. These and other allegations are now part of public record, are false, and nothing said about me to the investigator had any relevance to the theft investigation. Following my discovery of her libelous emails, my husband turned on me, and he, "mom," and daughter have made numerous and false allegations in an attempt to have me arrested and prosecuted on outrageous and false claims of violence and abuse. I have NO history of such. This is only the tip of the story, and their intentional false statements and infliction of emotional distress has been enormous. The statute of limitations is close upon me. My ex and his sis live in Iowa, altho my ex spends half his time in PA with mom. I am desperate for help! Thanks for your time!

Professional libel online is a difficult issue to address since the right to free speech is assumed up to a certain point where it may cross the legal line.

However, posting unfavorable statements that are factual does not constitute libel. Professionals may not want to publicly acknowledge bad behavior, but truthful unfavorable statements are protected speech when supported by fact.

I'd always leave these kind of situations to the experts. Most of the commenters feel safe behind their cloak of anonymity and they are rightfully almost untouchable. You don't know WHO posted that bad review or who spread lies about your business online. It's best to just hire an online reputation management company and let them find the identity of the attacker and gather evidence about their activity and the facts behind their claims.

As an internet defamation attorney I see internet defamation as a growing concern on the internet. Know your rights and remedies if you have been the victim of internet defamation. Good article.

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