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June 22, 2010


Unhampered anonymous free expression is a great right and ought to be maintained at all costs. Unfortunately, internet defamation assaults are a negative spin-off of free speech provisions. The cost of free speech can be great, especially online due to the absence of publisher's supervision. The cost is inordinate when it must be borne by a person who has done no wrong.

However, there are loads of asocial parasites who take advantage of this freedom for destructive purposes. Regularly these masked cyber-bullies possess some class of antisocial personality disorder (called psychopaths in past years) and other character disorder, & are obsessed solely through hate & vindictive, sadistic inspiration. They have nothing better to do than hurt other people; they're actually fueled by the pain they inflict.

An underlying aspect of anonymous blogging is that it has less believability when seriously assessed by prudent and objective folk. Despite this fact, there is an interesting dynamic with the challenge of vicious and anonymous online authors. Whilst vitriol can smell of shenanigans, if the target is being considered for employment, contract applications, babysitting work or a date, the individual carrying out the due diligence will probably consider the likely public relations hazards from attaching to the victim.

Regards, Michael of Rexxfield

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