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March 17, 2010


If the record industry made cd's and all matter recorded material reasonable in price this tax would not be needed.
The fact that these companies are overseas makes it even worse!
If I remember my history correctly a revolution took place because of unfair taxes. This tax is nothing but an exercise in greed by the record companies. It makes no sense to purchase a c.d. to listen to one or two songs that I like. that's also begs the fact that when a song is played be a radio station it's free ad for the recording the cut comes from, and the record companies can not convince me otherwise.
So this tax must be beaten back!

I'm amazed at this whole conversation. The name of this program is Copyright Law Radio, but you never mentioned anything about the copyright laws related to this legislation. When the Copyright Act of 1909 went into effect, radio broadcasts didn't exist, so broadcast of a recorded performance couldn't be included in the coverage. Musicians have been fighting to get this performance royalty (not a tax since it isn't paid to the government) approved for 80+ years. It didn't just come about in recent years due to the economy. This legislation would close the loophole in the copyright laws to include broadcasts of recorded performances over terrestrial radio. Cable, satellite and Internet radio stations (like mine - already pay this performance royalty, in addition to the songwriter royalties too. It's only fair (for all broadcasters and musicians) for terrestrial stations to pay the same royalties. Check out for some honest information about this legislation.

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