Copyright Infringment Lawyer, Internet Defamation, and Internet Privacy: 2008 Michigan Filming Incentive Law: Bringing Film Makers to Michigan

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July 09, 2008


I was recently in Traverse City for the film festival. What a beautiful area! I hope more filmmakers can understand the beauty of Michigan and begin to film there. I heard through a friend that Traverse Legal did the film festival's legal work pro bono. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is law firms like yours that will inspire filmmakers, producers, and writers to utilize the beauty of the northern Michigan landscape.

According to Jack Schripsema, vice president of sales and marketing for the Traverse City Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), the scout was scoping the scenery for the fall shooting of “October Squall” (still the working title), with Halle Berry likely playing the lead.

The recent passage of the Film & Digital Media Incentives Act, which gives filmmakers a 40 percent tax credit – the biggest tax break for the film industry in the entire nation – and free use of state property, is the “primary reason” the scout is here, Schripsema reports.
“It’s about double any other incentive out there,” he said.

What a great thing for Michigan. Film makers and actors already appreciate Michigan as a venue to shoot movies. This law will make it more likely that film makers and producers will choose Michigan as a location for their next film. Independent film makers on tight budgets will really be attracted to Michigan under this new law.

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