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August 14, 2007



I totally agree with Marcia and believe that no one is trying to rip off corporations like Universal from continuing to make large profits out of CD sales. Although my real concern here is that neither John nor Marcia spoke anything about Youtube's role and responsibility in the whole thing. I mean to ask if Youtube also has a responsibility to monitor such video posts and other items to check for infringing materials lurking about their domain. If so, then they obviously would have done something about it prior to receiving a take down notice. However, if such is the case and they did not, is it safe to assume that there was actually nothing wrong with the video being posted and that Marcia is spot on when suggesting that these are just intimidatory tactics employed by the big guys into trying to make a point when there really isn't one.

I would also like to ask if the law needs to be amended to allow such use, seamlessly and thereby to substantiate beyond reasonable doubt as to what amounts to fair use and what exactly amounts to a violation or a threatened violation.

I would really appreaciate if I got an answer to me queries.

Thanks and best regards,

Naveen Tiku

How its going?

Hey there, I blogged this to Let’s Go Crazy with John, Marcia, Prince, YouTube and the Massive Media on my blog.

Second Prince related post in a month!

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