California auto insurance rates among the highest in the nation

A new article from the Los Angeles times states that California auto insurance rates are among the highest in the nation. In fact, California is the seventh highest in the U.S. according to insure.com. Suprisingly, the state with the highest premiums is Louisiana. According to the author, the reason for this is two-fold: (1) Louisiana's drivers' penchance for auto accident lawsuits; and (2) judges who are "siding with consumers more than insurance companies." First, insure.com is hardly an unbiased resource. It would have been more balanced to present the other side, e.g., consulting a consumer advocacy group, or a personal injury attorney. Second, I highly doubt judges are routinely siding with consumers. In my experience judges tend to go the other way. In any event, you should check out the article here.

Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Adrianos Facchetti shares why lawyers get a bad rap

Here's a good article describing why personally injury attorneys get a bad rap. Check it out and let us know whether it rings true for you.

Car accident deaths on the rise?

According to a recent report on ABC news, car accident deaths in the United States are on the rise for the first time in 7 years. The report states that the increase is due to the fact that we are driving more. Essentially, because the weather has been better on average and since the economy is getting better (I'm not so sure about that one), we are driving more and thus increasing our risk of getting into an accident. The report goes on to discuss the latest safety features on automobiles that are making us safer. Unfortunately, however, the average vehicle is about 11 years old, so it does not have these safety features.




Why do dogs bite people?

Commonly known as man's best friend, dogs can quickly turn from friend to foe, if certain conditions exist. There are a number of recognized factors that are generally present leading up to a dog attack. An important factor is the breed of dog. Unfortunately, certain breeds are more apt to attack a human than others. The two most likely to attack are rottweilers and pit bull breeds. Another factor is the way in which the victim is behaving. If the human is small or is acting likey prey, (think child) there is a higher likelihood a dog may attack. Third, what training, if any, has the dog received? Counter-intuitively, sub-par or no training can be just as dangerous as training designed to threaten or harm individuals. Fourth, has the dog been exposed to varying environments and varying situations? In other words, what has been the level of their socialization? Exposing the canine to different environments will reduce fear, which, may, of course, reduce the chance of attack. Finally, is the dog hurt or sick? This can increase the chances of a dog bite for various reasons.

When a person is bitten by a dog, it is important to seek immediate medical attention since dog bites can be extremely serious, especially if a child is bitten. Bites can be extremely painful and lead to scarring and other permanent injury. Once you receive medical treatment, you should consider calling a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer (if you are located in LA, if not then in your local area) or personal injury lawyer.


Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer: What does a personal injury attorney do?

In my practice here in pasadena, I often get calls from people asking me what a personal injury attorney actually does on a daily basis. In some ways, it's no different than what other civil litigation attorneys do: drafting legal memoranda, going to court, speaking to clients, and trying cases.

But it's different in some respects. Unlike a business or tax attorney, for example, a personal injury lawyer represents people who have been injured by another person's neligence or wrongdoing. This requires a lawyer who has an understanding of the impact an injury can have on a person's life, so he can express this to others. It also requires an advocate who knows how to deal with insurance adjusters (these are the people who decide what amont of compensation to allow). In fact, if an injury attorney is not in court or with a client, you can bet the attorney is either dealing with an insurance adjuster or the insurance company's attorney.


Pasadena personal injury lawyer: Can you get financial compensation if you suffer personal injury?

Whether you can obtain financial compensation depends on a number different things. But generally, it will depend on the level and severity of your physical and mental injuries. As a pasadena personal injury attorney, you hope that your client's injuries are minor and that your client will make a full recovery. But that is usually not the case, unfortunately.

Other things that will affect your potential recovery are economic hardship or financial loss, decreased earning potential and physical impairment, including disfigurement. Compensation to make you whole or put you back in the place you would have been had the accident not happened are "compensatory damages." Damages to punish the person who injured you are called punitive damages. Here is a list of some of the common categories of damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent scars
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of love and affection
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional trauma




Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney: What are some examples of personal injury?

People often ask us to give them examples of personal injury matters. Here are just some of the different types of personal injury matters:

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney: What is the definition of a personal injury?

A personal injury is any physical or mental injury because of another person's negligence or harmful act. Some examples of physical injuries that we see here in our Los Angeles personal injury attorney office include back-related injuries (disc herniation, disc bulges, sciatica), shoulder injuries, knee injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and many, many more. Examples of emotional injuries include anxiety, depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

After an accident, personal injury victims tend to ignore the warning signs and symptoms. It is very important to seek medical treatment immediately and to speak with a qualified personal injury advocate who has the skill and expertise to guide you through the legal process to get you the compensation you deserve.


Attorney Discusses How Michigan Auto Accident Laws Work

Welcome to Michigan Auto Law Radio, brought to you by MichiganAutoLaw.com.  The Attorneys at Michigan Auto Law combine to form Michigan’s largest law firm, completely specializing in automobile, truck and motorcycle accident issues.  Now here’s your host, Steve Quick.

We’re talking with Steve Gursten, an attorney with Michigan Auto Law.  Today, we’re going to talk about how Michigan’s auto accident laws work.  Hi, Steve and welcome to the program.

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Mancelona Michigan Teen Victim of Stray Voltage Swimming in Marina

Michael Scott Knudson, 18, of Mancelona, Michigan died as a result of receiving an electric shock from stray voltage while swimming at the Duncan L. Clinch Marina in Traverse City, Michigan.

A preliminary investigation reports that the source of the stray voltage which caused the electric shock to Michael Knudson emanated from an electrical line carrying electrical power to a section of floating dock.  Evidently, the electrical line had a short circuit which for an unexplained reason did not trip the circuit breaker carrying power to the dock. 

Media reports suggest that Michael Knudson was swimming with at least one friend, who also experienced an electric shock from the stray voltage emanating from the dock at Duncan L. Clinch Marina.  A thorough investigation should reveal whether the teens were even aware that there was an apparent restriction against swimming in the marina, and whether the postings were adequate to afford the teens warning of the dangers of swimming in a marina.  Stray voltage in fresh water marinas are a well-known hazard in any boating community.  It will be worth knowing whether those overseeing the marina enforced the no swimming prohibition they claim was in effect at the time of this accident. 

Continue reading Mancelona Michigan Teen Victim of Stray Voltage Swimming in Marina >>

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