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Lego is stupid. The vast majority of Lego websites provide information about Lego and their products. Their domain name, while containing the word 'lego' look nothing what-so-ever like or any of it's sub directories.

This is just ridiculous to go after every website that you can find that contain the word lego.

Now for the stupidity of Lego.
Number one. Any website that is about Lego is free advertising for Lego.

Number two. A big percentage of these domains are owned by Lego enthusiast, which in turn mean, they are owned by Lego customers who give Lego a great amount of business.

Number three. These are also websites that help other Lego enthusiast in ways that Lego can't and / or chooses not to, thereby relieving Lego of customer support that might otherwise be demanded of Lego.

And these are the people that Lego wants to sue???

I have seen the WIPO website were Lego has actually filed copyright infringement claims over domains that go something like

This, no doubt, would be a website about bikes, where the words are all spelled as one word as in most websites. The site would read as 'look at that bicycle go", of which Lego would sue just because the last four letters were L, E, G and O.

How nit picky can you get? How much of a bully can you be? How ridiculous can you be? How much can you possible harass others without it coming back to bite you in the end.

I have already communicate with former Lego website owners who say they will never do business with Lego again. One such person claims they will also be spreading as much bad publicity about Lego as they can, and I am sure there are others like him / her.

It's amazing that a company as large as Lego lacks this much business sense and this much apathy toward the very people ( their customers ) who keep them in business.

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