Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: How to Get Your Stolen Domain Name Back When Cybersquatting Law Will Not Help

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I have a client that did not renew their domain name. The website was taken over by a squatter who now wants $25,000.00 to get that name back.
He has now pointed the legitimate domain to a porn site.
Is there any way to get this domain back?

If you have trademark rights in the domain (meaning you have trademark rights in the word which is used for the domain), then getting your domain back is typically accomplished with a threat letter. Sometimes, the web developer will provide emails showing that you consented to have them register the domain for you and thus you can not have the domain name back. These cases depend in part on how the communications rolled out and what they say.

Under any scenario, your trademark rights give you leverage over your domain name. Even without trademark rights, you may have a contractual right to the domain name.

I need to know how to get a domain name back. My web developer registered the domain name in his own name and now won' turn it over. he says there is a billing dispute. But I own the trademark registration so how can my web guy hold my domain name ransom for a bogus bill?

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