Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: Trademark Protected Brands are NOT registering defensively in gTLDs

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There have been plenty of innovations that have been failures, and new gTLDs might be one of them. But to argue that people won’t try something new on the Internet is to deny the history of the past 20 years.

As an ICANN registrar, our experience supports Antony's comments.

It is understandable that the Sponsored TLD's, like .travel, .coop do not have many defensive registrations.

Surprisingly, TLD's that are open to a wider range of users also do not have many defensive registrations.

For example, .pro, was initially very restricted but has since relaxed their requirements. As a result, although the TLD is now available to anyone with a professional license, there are very few defensive registrations.

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