Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: Domainers Take A Stand Against Cybersquatting: Rick Schwartz’s Silicon Valley TRAFFIC Show Will Focus on Eliminating Cybersquatters from the Community.

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I find two things when I go to these domain conferences. Most of them show how out of touch most of the conference organizers are with their audience. The first is that most domainers hold a large number of "brandable" domains in their portfolio. Let's face it, all the dictionary words are pretty much taken and virtually no one can resist picking up a two word domain which is an interesting and often arbitrary combination of words. These brandable domains receive no direct navigation traffic. I have yet to attend a domain conference where the organizers actually talk seriously about the development and trademark potential of the brandable domain market. This is really unfortunate since most domain sales occur within the speculative market, domainer to domainer. This industry is doomed if it doesn't find a way to sell brandable domains directly to end users in the price range of $100 to $3,000.

Second, many conference attendees are tired of hearing the same old mantra about UDRP decisions and evil trademark holders. The thought that a conference might, and we don't know how serious Rick Schwartz is about highlighting the bad aspects of cybersquatting in his upcoming Silicon Valley show, really get their attention. Many domainers still dabble in trademark domains. If the domainer community really ever wants to grow up, it needs to take charge of the cybersquatting situation, out those who are the worst offenders, and rid themselves of the blatant cybersquatters, especially typosquatters, from their industry.

We'll see what transpires over in the valley in less than 2 month's.

I like the plan though.. Kudos to Rick.


It still looks like this is happening. not good.

is this not one of the biggest offenders?

I think that is awesome.

As a domainer that owns thousands of generic domains I am sick of seeing folks register TM domains. A typo of DishNetwork sold at Godaddy recently. For Christ's's 2009 folks! Wake up.

Buyers of domains like that only hurt folks like Rick and I.

I have tried to raise some hell at DNForum and NamePros last year regarding the blatent selling of TM's on those forums.....but the mods don't want to be "domain police". That is understandable....but something HAS to be done. Things are getting out of control.

Nice to see Rick as the avant guard to this big problem. I'm elated to see someone with some balls finally.

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