Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: Domain Name Dispute Update: Should Complainants in UDRP Proceedings be required to Provide Certified Notice of Other Legal Proceedings Related to Their Trademark Claims

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Does Not:

Actually. It would not affect most proceedings or trademark holders. What it would do is preclude people and companies with questionable trademarks from making de fact misrepresentations to the panel about their marks. Most of the big companies have solid marks....

I got a question.I have 2 call to action domain names I have owned for a couple months now and I see that a VH1 reality show due to air in April 09 has the exact name and I checked for trademarks and there is none to be found.What should I do,Thanks K

QUOTE: "Further, it is hard to imagine how the amendment would spark much controversy."

Are you crazy?

It would mean they MIGHT not win so many bullshit cases.

Please, I like reading your blog but be real.

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