Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: Is Navigation Catalyst Systems a Typical Domainer? All Domainers are not Cybersquatters.

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I hired a domain name lawyer and learned that common law trademarks are also protected. you don't need to register your trademark to protect your domain name.

This is good news for trademark holders and domainers. Companies which typosquat famous trademarks should be sued out of existence.

Domainers continue to gain legitimacy as they continue to distinguish themselves from cybersquatters. Domainer shave as much interest in extinguishing typosquatting as anyone.

"egarding domaining and domain name tasting. The court condemns both practices .."

The court did not condemn domaining. It condemned Navigation Catalyst's domain registration practices and feeble explanation about how it ended up with so many clearly infringing domains.

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