Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: Excluding Keyword Categories From Your Parked Pages In Order To Avoid Cybersquatting Violations

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Johnny: A DMCA 'take down' notice approach to parked pages offering ads that infringe trademarks. I love it. This would preserve the domain to the current registrant but preclude use of the generic or descriptive domain in a way which causes consumer confusion. Not a bad approach, if only domainers had any chance at changing the UDRP or ACPA. Call the ICA!

Including the ability to exclude certain types of ads requires, of course, the ability to exclude categories (ie market niches such as 'automotive') from ads being served up on parked pages. This is no doubt a challenge which would require Google and Yahoo to require advertisers to identify their advertising niche, or an algorithm which coudl do so based on keywords and other factors.

I'm glad you wrote this. This is a fair and balanced view of what is going on.

I would also add that in addition to a function where domainers can remove ads there should be a formal way to notify domainers through the parked pages or parking service that a domain in infringing so as to have a centralized platform for resolving any issues. A domainer could then check in to the "trademark conflicts" page and then make the necessary changes and a notification could then be automatically sent to the complaining party for them to review the site again to make sure everything is satisfactory from their vantage point. We already have UDRP, why not this as a way to resolve issues fast? Non-conforming domainers could then be expunged from particular parking services if they did not resolve the conflicts accordingly.

This is necessary b/c I could go in and check a domain today and then a company runs an ad tomorrow that infringes on a trademark or their own trademark and maybe I would not be able to check that domain for a couple for months or more due to the volume of domains and time constraints involved in monitoring every little last detail of every domain. It needs to work both directions to be effective - IMO.

And.....if you want to take it further it could be something that all parking companies could use, meaning they are all tied to the same database so if a domainer moves a domain in say three years and he or she totally forgot about the infringing ads then the settings made three years ago would "float" to the new parking service where the domain is now parked.

I would LOVE to see this.


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