Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Attorneys / Lawyers: Kellogg is Abusing the UDRP in its Effort to Secure

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Is there a compiled list of cyber-squatting defenses that are out there? I need to see if any squatting defenses might apply to my situation.

Keep in mind that the right result was reached here. The domain name did not transfer, despite Kellogg's unrefuted trademark rights. The UDRP and arbitration system worked.

But I understand what you are saying. there are closer calls which result in domain transfer where valuable property rights move from one person to another without compensation. And there are few disincentives for large companies to try the UDRP as a tactic to cheaply take control of domain names. Domain dispute law is subject to abuse.

This is a great example of trademark abuse. How would you like it if someone tried to steal your $500,000 vacation home on the seashore for nothing paid. What other law besides the UDRP allows for such a thing to occur.

$11,000 dollar offer for And a demand for $100,000 for the domain name.

Kellogg blew it. That letter domain is worth $500,000 easy, perhaps more given its value to Kellogg and the non-infringing use. If I were the respondent, I would increase the price by a multiple of 10x.

This is an attempt at domain hijacking at its finest. Kellogg's lawyers knew they might get 'lucky' if they happened to draw the right arbitrator. They didn't and lost this UDRP dispute.

There ought be a penalty for filing a frivolous UDRP dispute procedure complaint.

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